Who We Are

The Sarasota Environmental Caucus is  group of environmentally concerned citizens devoted to electing local and  regional Democratic candidates who are troubled about the multiple environmental issues facing Florida communities, and will work to promote sound solutions for them.

The Caucus provides a forum for  discussion of the issues between citizens and candidates. Every month there is an open general meeting where the Caucus presents knowledgeable community leaders who keep our members informed of various environmental topics of concern. In the last few months we’ve heard talks on such topics as: big sugar, phosphate mining, renewable solar energy, plastics, Ready for 100 (renewal energy), the benefits of land conservation, protection of wildlife as our communities grow and ocean acidification. At these meetings candidates often stop by to say a few words and speak with our member one-on-one. The goal of the Caucus is to educate the public, political candidates and elected officials regarding environmental issues affecting all our lives, and to support effective policies.

Chapters will identify local and regional environmental issues and candidates to endorse and promote, otherwise help elect Democratic candidates who support the goals of the caucus, raise funds, and pursue activities to educate the public on environmental issues.